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The Legend
According to an old legend, one day, in Reims (France), an earl accidently poured some champagne on the back of a swan which suddenly transformed into his future wife! Afterwards, this earl, along with Countess Tatiana, would continue to produce the same, very delicate champagne while, at the same time, celebrating their love for their own...
Brand History
After the French revolution, Theodose Belgodere de Bagnaja (1806-1888), from the elder branch, emigrated to Algeria, then to France, in order to help establish new vineyards (belonging to his in-laws), and then transferred this privilege to Charles-Theodose (1888-1950), his grandson, who established a 54-hectare vineyard in the region of Benchicao (Medea). This was accomplished with a lot of hard work, sweat and tears, a musket in one hand and the reins of a horse in the other. Galloping through the vineyard, he could be heard shouting "Long live the King!" (he was a Bonapartist), while his daughter, Helene, watched on…
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